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Legal Compliance Audits

Legal compliance audits ensure our clients are aware of their environmental obligations under the relevant state and national regulatory regime.


TRACE conducts environmental legal compliance audits with the primary purpose of advising clients and providing appropriate recommendations in relation to their business and operations with respect to whether:

  • A material non-compliance exists or there is a potential non-compliance with applicable environmental legislation.
  • There are any material or potential material liabilities for the client at common law as a result of emissions to air, water or noise.    The compliance audit also has a number of positive secondary purposes, including:
  • Satisfying requirements of environment audit procedures which are a key requirement under a certified environmental management system.
  • Informally educating company personnel about the environmental legislative requirements relevant to their activities. 
  • Assisting in building a robust environmental due diligence system 
for the client by demonstrating management is overseeing compliance with legislation, including all approvals, permits and licence conditions.
  • Providing the foundation for company directors’ environmental reporting obligations.

A legal compliance audit assesses the adequacy, effectiveness and suitability of key environmental management processes, adopted by a client to minimise environmental risk and ensure compliance.


This is a comprehensive audit conducted by working together with the client to ascertain, review and address where necessary, the key environmental risks associated with facilities and operations (via both documentation review and on-site inspections and interviews).