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Over 50 conflicting reports on the condition of the site were carried out by numerous consultants over a 20-year period. There was significant risk that an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) was to be placed on the site substantially reducing future sales revenue when compared to an unencumbered site without an EMP


TRACE used innovative technologies and risk assessments to validate the entire development with site auditor approval and sign off, without incurring an EMP. This was done in a timely and cost-effective manner which did not hinder or delay construction of the site


TRACE saved an estimated $14M in remediation costs with remediation completed for less than $1M.  The site was removed from the EPA contaminated site register based on the innovative remediation technology developed for the treatment of groundwater undertaken onsite. TRACE achieved complete site auditor sign-off with no conditions

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Leaf Cutout from Logo_edited.png
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