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Environmental Solutions Saving Millions - Australian National Construction Review

TRACE is proud to be featured in the latest edition of the Australian National Construction Review, showcasing how employing the right environmental investigation & remediation strategies early in a project can save millions.

The Australian National Construction Review is Australia's leading publication for Australian Major Construction, new developments, construction news, and construction related suppliers and trades.

The article highlights some of our current & past projects and the benefits our clients have gained from engaging us early in their development plans. Here is an outtake from the article on one such spotlight project...

Leading Australian Real Estate Fund Management Business, EG Funds Management (EG), recently contracted TRACE to devise a strategy for the proposed Northern Beaches Business Park site in Cromer (NSW). EG purchased the former pharmaceutical plant and faced a significant challenge before development could begin. While responsibility for remediation remained primarily with the vendor, construction could not commence until sufficient remediation had been completed. However, the vendor’s remediation schedule did not align with EG’s development program, putting planned construction at risk of significant delays.
"Partnering with TRACE enabled us to get construction underway while the vendor’s remediation works were still ongoing” said EG Development Director, Grant Flannigan. “Their innovative strategy, and ability to quickly satisfy the site auditor’s requirements, helped avoid detrimental cost and time blow-outs."
EG has a strong commitment to best practice Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management, responsible investing, and optimising the environmental performance of assets under management and development.
"We have exclusively used TRACE for our national environmental studies carrying out Due Diligence during acquisition and project delivery. This relationship has existed over a number of years as they have a pragmatic approach and are leaders in current best practice. TRACE has been proven to be a cost effective, reliable and professional group who perform at a high level of expertise"

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