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Getting our hands dirty to kickoff 2024

Updated: Mar 18

It is hard to believe we are approaching the 3rd month of the New Year! 2024 has already been jam packed, keeping the team extremely busy with site visits, sampling, reporting & remediation works. As important as it is to keep our projects moving, it is just as important to make sure that we are taking time to stop, reflect & continuously improve. As well as, spending some quality time together as a team.

Two weeks ago, the TRACE team based in Sydney merrily kicked off 2024 by getting their hands dirty...literally! The team officially kickstarted the day by sipping on some hot coffee while reflecting on achievements from 2023 and looking ahead to goals & targets for 2024, as well as sharing organisational changes & efficiencies. In the afternoon, the team headed down to Pocket City Farms in Camperdown for Team Building and Volunteering activities.

A little bit about Pocket City Farms

Tucked away in the hustle bustle of Camperdown is a peaceful community urban farm called Pocket City Farms that houses an ecological market garden, community food forest, propagation greenhouse and a chicken coop! Pocket City Farms empowers communities through education to improve the natural environment, tackle food insecurity and take action on climate change. Their collective vision is described as “a world where all people are connected to regenerated environments and fair food”. They also offer opportunities for schools, businesses and communities to inculcate sustainable thoughts and habits within their realm by sharing knowledge about waste reduction, permaculture and water saving techniques.

TRACE at Pocket City Farms

The TRACE team started off by participating in a group activity where they learnt all about pickling, preserving and fermenting vegetables. They even got to take home their own pickled lemon jar! This was then followed by an educational urban farm tour where the team explored different areas of the farm and got to know more about the benefits of urban farming and the farm’s daily operations and farming methods.

Highlight of the day

A walk through the community food forest quickly revealed that most of the TRACE team had never heard of or tried ‘Strawberry Guava’ before. This became the team’s favourite part of the farm tour with some even going for a second serving of the delicious red fruit.

Volunteering Activity

After indulging in some sweet treats and cold beverages, the TRACE team was geared up for the hands-on part of the Kickoff which was centred around giving back to the community. For this part of the workshop, the team was divided into two. The first team eagerly took on the task of planting spring onion seedlings by forming an efficient chain and passing on the seedlings to be planted into the soil with utmost care. Overall, three trays of little seedlings were planted by the team in record time. Meanwhile, the second team focused on watering pea and carrot seedlings which had been planted in the market garden, ensuring that every plant in the garden received enough hydration to thrive in the Sydney sun. Together, both teams showcased a great amount of dedication and collaboration in fostering a sustainable garden for the local community to enjoy!

Click here to see a short video with some more highlights of our day

For now, it's back to business. Our calendar for the year is filling up quickly, so get in touch with us today to see how we can get our hands dirty to help you clean-up your site.


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